Academic Infrastructure

Academic Infrastructure Policy

Intent and objectives

Setup infrastructure for student progress is an important enabling and proactive strategy to achieve their learning potential by:

  • Comfortable and progressive studying environment.
  • Remarkable achievement in their education


This policy provides a framework for the management of academic infrastructure at Midland Primary and High School. It facilitates and motivates a positive working and learning environment for students and staff. The policy establishes guidelines for support and development of infrastructure. The policy will encourage external/internal stakeholders to be part of teaching and learning. The policy further ensures such students are provided with knowledge of and access to appropriate learning support, resources and assistance. This policy aims to prevent overcrowding and a unsatisfactory learning and working environment.


Applies to.



Class room standard Facilities

  • White magnetic board
  • Shelf for each leaner
  • Dust bin

Policy provisions

Particulars of Accommodation Minimum Area Required Remarks
Class Room 600 10 class rooms
Labs 600 1 Labs
Store Room 300 1-Store Room
Principal Office 200 1
Staff Room 300 1
Resource Centre 600 1
Ladies Toilet 200 4
Men's Toilet 200 4
Library 600 1

Managing the Academic Infrastructure Policy

  • The jurisdiction of the policy will fall under the management of the Senior Resource Planning Director and CEO of Midland Primary and High School.
  • The funding of propose projects must be approved by the Financial department and CEO
  • The rationale of the policy is to:
  • Improve Infrastructure
  • Develop infrastructure