Principals Message

Principal Message

Midland Primary and High School Principals Message

Midland Primary and High School is a dynamic, diverse and progressive educational institution that aims to produce the best possible education to the Learners under its care set within the structure of sound values and a disciplined environment.

Midland Primary and High School believes Physical education is part of education therefore we motivate all learners and parents to participate in sports of their interest.

Our objective is to provide students with the opportunity to serve, to lead, and to fulfiltheir potential in all spheres so that they can take their place and succeed in the modern world. Midland Primary and High School is the instrument and the means through which all itsare build their futures

Midland Primary and High School is an academic institution that will set goals for the best matric results. Our academic goals are dominated by the principle of 100% pass rate which will be regularly achieved. I also believe that students who graduate from the school must aim to achieve an university exemption pass which will provide them opportunities that open many doors to building a successful future .

While the academic programme is the central pillar of the school, we strongly encourage involvement in the many and varied extra-curricular activities the school has to offer. The skills learnt in the cultural and sporting spheres of the school are critical in the well rounded growth and maturity of all our students . Midland Primary and High School will set a strong tradition of being the best sporting school in Johannesburg and our activities will be noted for their outstanding entertainment quality.

I am also committed to providing our students with firm foundations in IT, engineering, Science maths education. We have one computer lab and each and every student has daily lessons in computer skills and our plans are to extend IT education in many areas that they will need to be successful in the modern work place.

I decided to pay special attention on Maths and Science that increase the graduates in Engineering and Science.

An exciting development in our school has been the restructuring of the guidance programme so that we can meet the needs of students as they learn to deal with the pressures of integrating into the harsh reality of society and it is comforting to know that we employ a psychologist to assist the teachers in difficult cases.

We believe that every child is a winner and we will strive to ensure that they realize their full potential at Midland Primary and High School.

Our facilities are superb, the management of the school well educated, dynamic and creative, the teachers are highly motivated and we enjoy the expertise of a committed group of parents on our Governing Body.

The Midland Primary and High School family is looking forward to you and your child joining us next year.