Physical Education

Physical Education

Midland Primary and High School indentify student interest of sports and orange special training on interested sports.

Dedication, desire and discipline are integral parts of being involved with extra-curricular organizations. Without the pursuit of these ideals, the student can, in no way, do justice to himself, herself or the school. The student must be able to discipline him/herself in order to achieve excellence. The faculty and staff of MPHS believe the tradition of success is established and maintained upon these principles of dedication, desire and discipline. The following policies have been established to ensure a positive and productive environment for student involvement in extracurricular organizations and must be understood and agreed upon by the student, the parent and the school.


Optimal growth and learning can only be obtained through regular participation and attendance. Therefore, it is imperative that all members of each extracurricular organization attend all related activities, including but not limited to meetings, practices, and interscholastic competitions. Students unable to attend a scheduled activity must notify the coach or advisor by personal contact, phone call, or written statement from the parent or guardian prior to the activity.

Students who fail to appear for an activity, or are absent (unexcused) from school on days when activities will take place, will be disciplined as determined by the coach or advisor and/or the administration

Excessive absences or tardies, defined here as being at least three (3), from activities or school may be cause for removal from the organization.

Personal Appearance

Students that are members of extracurricular organizations are constantly in the public eye and are viewed as representatives of the school. For this reason, the students' personal appearance not only reflects their attitudes, but also those whom they represent. Hygiene must be such that it is not harmful to the well being of the student and those around them while participating in any extracurricular activities. Students will be expected to abide by the rules established by the coach or advisor of the particular extracurricular organization in which they are a member.

Lack of adherence to those rules set forth by the coach or advisor may result in the student being held out of activities. Failure to comply, after subsequent notification, may result in suspension and/or removal from the organization.

Equipment, Fees and Physical Examination

All students will be required to replace lost gear or equipment either by payment, or with an equivalent of the lost article. All students will be required to clear with their coach or advisor the return of any loaned equipment or payment of lost items upon either the conclusion of the school year or before the organization's final scheduled activity, whichever comes sooner.

All students participating in a sport will be required to have a signed physician's examination on file before participating in a practice session or interscholastic competition.

School Decorum

All students are expected to govern his/her conduct in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the board of education and the rules printed in the student behaviour section of the student handbook. The school rules of Midland Primary and High School., as well as those of the Gauteng Department of Education, will apply at all activities, including, but not limited to, after-school activities at MPHS. or any other venue, and while using school provided transportation. These rules will be in effect until the student returns to MPCH. from any activity located off school grounds and leaves the building.

Students should also be aware that violation of the students' obligations under board policy, or the student handbook, may result in removal from the organization. Personal Health Practices

Due to the harmful effects on the health of the individual, all students involved in extracurricular organizations will refrain from the use of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, and abusive/illegal drugs of any kind. Unhealthy diet and lack of rest also have an adverse effect on student health and should be avoided.

The use of alcoholic beverages, abusive drugs and tobacco products is illegal for students under the age of 21 for alcohol and 18 for tobacco products. Suspected use will result in an immediate investigation by the administration. If a student should be found in violation, the sanctions described in the Student Handbook would apply. In addition, the student will be subject to a one-day suspension from all activities for the first offense and dismissal from all organizations for a second offense. This will occur even if the use of illegal substances occurs during non-school hours.


In addition to the rules set forth above, students wishing to participate in MPHS. sports or extra-curricular activities must meet and abide by certain academic and behaviour standards as well as additional criteria.

  • Student must be registered and attending Midland Primary and High School.
  • Student must submit all required paperwork by the due date designated by the organization
  • The Midland Primary and High School Extra Curricular Contract Agreement (attached) must be submitted to the school, signed by the student and at least one parent/guardian.


  • Any student falling below average on a report card, interim report, or other academic evaluation is eligible to be removed from participation in extracurricular activities at the discretion of the advisor/coach, the teacher of the class where the grade has fallen below a C average, and the Administration.
  • Any student failing one (1) subject in a marking period will be placed on a two-week academic probation period, during which time the student may not participate in any interscholastic activity, but may participate in all other activities. If a student raises the failing grade to a passing one, they will be removed from probation. Failure to raise the grade to a passing one will result in suspension from all extracurricular activities and organizations until the student passes all subjects in a marking period.
  • Any student failing two (2) or more subjects in a marking period will be immediately suspended from all extracurricular activities and organizations until the student passes all subjects in a marking period.
  • Academic eligibility in the first marking period will be determined by applying the above rules to the previous year's final grades.


  • A student may be suspended from extracurricular activities for one day per each after school detention assigned to that student
  • A student receiving three (3) or more suspensions (in-school or out-of-school) as a result of discipline violations may result in a student being excluded from participating in all extracurricular activities or organizations during the year
  • A student may be suspended from participation in any extracurricular activity or organization at the discretion of the Administration


  • Any appeals to the decisions made by advisors/coaches or the administration based on the policies of this contract must be submitted, in writing, to the principal within three (3) days of the incident in question. Midland Primary and High School

Extra Curricular Contract Agreement

  • I have read the Midland Primary and High School Extra Curricular Contract and I understand its policies. I agree to abide by its terms and understand the punishments for failing to do so. I understand that this agreement can be upheld for the duration on the school year in which it was signed.
  • I understand that this paper must be signed and submitted in order to be eligible to participate in any extracurricular activities or organizations.